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Plum and Sesame

Two styles of souchu. Two different colors. Two ways to enjoy Friday nights. And also nigorizake.

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The taste of charsiu ramen

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The bit of kimchi in the middle is to add a bit of a color contrast, but also a homage to the fact that yakiniku was if not invented, at least popularized, in post-war Japan by Zainichi Koreans.

mmm tapas sirloin…

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as for usdjpy, i would need to look more into it. however, i do have open gbpjpy (in the black so going to set a stop in) and eursek, the one that could go either way but depending on risk continuation and rsi, should head upwards again…

yay new week, new trading potentials, and a new whole load of uncertainty.

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Perhaps a bit too medium…

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Leftover fillings to make…

… Onigiri
























… and spring rolls,

all while the market sets itself on fire.

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Apparently fish is harder to light than it looks.


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