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And the theme this year will be “kuidaore,” or in Japanese, “食い倒れ”

So marks the end of my undergraduate college years like how I end every year – with a massive run to the buffet. While for those times the victims are limited only to my stomach and heart from all the gravy I slop over my biscuits, this time it will be my stomach, heart, legs, upper shoulders and wallet.

Mostly, it will strike at my wallet. But appropriately so, as kuidaore is a Kansai slang meaning “eating until bankruptcy.” Just a bit of history – Osakans were merchants during the Tokugawa Eras, a class looked down upon by the government as doing no work. The shogunate prevented flashy displays of wealth, so the other way Osakans spent their money was on food – and a lot of it. The Kansai region is blessed with bays for fish, mountains for flora and flat lands for their world famous beef.

And I intend to eat all of it this time. Starting with Osaka as my home base, branching out into other prefectures and countries, sampling every cuisine until I am left without a dollar (or yen, won, yuan or togrog) in my wallet.

**and thus I will be out of the country. Please contact me via email.

With a newer 60D accompanying my still-chugging Rebel XS, waterproof boots, a lot of coats and a single toothbrush, I am ready to take on all the crispy, juicy, creamy, fried, raw and moving eats that these 5 countries have to offer me. My schedule will be mainly travel, getting whatever sleep I can, and taking gratuitous amounts of pictures and videos that I will be uploading on my picasa (link to be edited when the first Osaka night set comes in).
Can’t wait… why can’t this month go faster?

Oh yeah, two signal packages just went in long SPX on the holiday rally. Just sayin… but I must disclaim I’ve been using the last few days completely on forming my itinerary.

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this is the one… without the ring and for $6.99 from india. lack of infinity focus only makes it good for… macro shots.

soo…. for a portrait lens, im just going to buy a ef 85mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.8



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First of all, congratulations. You’re being picked as one of the best in this breed of S&Ters slowly being killed by Dodd/Frank, Volcker Rules and other kinds of tax-revenue debilitating suicidal plans that governments have been putting out over the last few years. But that’s OK. I pay taxes to the Kingdom of Sweden.
So what is fixed income? Feel free to email me if you’d like the whole picture, but here are just a few tips to stay above everyone else and hopefully receive an offer.


==========Before the internship

1. Balance your competition – don’t forget that this is still a competition. Even you’ve beat out 99% of the applicants already by getting an internship, you have the last 1% to go. Be covert and maintain a good balance between what you display and what you keep in. Be friends with everyone and definitely help them to every extent, but also be aware of your actions.

2. Learn VBA – simple as that. Know how to code charts, calculations, automatic data downloading and that kind of fun stuff. Researchers and traders love one-button excel sheets. Before you start, here’s a reference you can use with regards to bloomberg VBA calls (which are slow but more stable than formulas). Change the .doc to .zip.

Bloomberg Examples

(also, try not to use bloomberg formulas for everything)

3. Stay on top of the news – sounds easy, right? Well, there are still a few of your competition that don’t even know what LTRO, OMOs, SMPs and those kinds of things mean. Know what they are, and most importantly (know why because everyone will grill you on this) their effects on your covered asset.

4. Don’t lie to yourself – you’re not being graded anymore. Do you know the effects of SMPs and how best to trade them? If you’re on FX research/cash trading, there’s only a few assets you can choose. If you’re going to be on derivs… errr good luck and find explanations to back up your reasoning.


========== On the job

1. Never say “I don’t know” – you are effectively taking yourself out of the running that way. If you don’t know, say the truth that you’re going to go back and check. Or, my favorite which is the quite innocuous phrase of  “Yes, err…” and then google as fast as you can.

2. Network and talk to people – though daunting with the upper management, at least talk with the rest of the intern class. And when you ask upper management, think of good questions. That’s something I didn’t do so well… and for the second rotation I was completely isolated from the trading floor. Don’t worry if you don’t talk as much as one of the guys in the intern class. You have technical work to do that adds continuous future return.

3. Know your limits – if you say yes, you better do it well. You can either be more efficient or spend more time. Choose the first option (trust me) and be happier (and also get better at automating everything).

4. Debug, rethink and make sure it’s right – accuracy always trumps speed. And even after you send the code over, run it multiple times with different parameters to make sure it can take inputs outside of what you coded (like different dates, etc etc).

5. Adapt and learn as fast as you can – do it or get cut. I learned VBA in 3 days. Bloody hell those first three days were… yeah… but at least the model worked.

6. Do it anyways – especially if you get placed on a desk you don’t like. Don’t complain and don’t show that you don’t want to do it. Just do it 100% instead of the 150% on a desk you like and keep your head low.


FIRST, LEARN VBA, C++ OR ANOTHER CODING LANGUAGE. (you’re not going up against engineers, dude)
There are others, but those are all relatively obvious like working hard, being humble and respectful. You won’t believe how easy it is to forget these simple rules once you start. Write them down on a post it and tape it to your screen.

Learn from my mistakes. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m never above you because you have an advantage in either 1. time (if you’re younger) or 2. experience (if you’re older).

Books? There are the select few, but I personally recommend reading Dostoevsky’s “The Gambler” first.

To the best of good buys.

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It’s almost over…

Which reminds me, I have a presentation due on Tuesday but I’m going to Macau tomorrow anyways for pics and egg tarts.

My internship at a bank’s fixed income department is almost over. I have learned that I really still like FX research and really suck at sales and anything IBD related, especially with Chinese people. Thank god for this ringer for confirming it for me.

Anyways, in around 9 days this blog will fully be back in session with more charts, more analysis, and now more coding in C++,MQL4 and VBA. Normal service shall be resumed, more or less to feed my addiction. I will also be covering CFDs and commodities since I have access to them now.

Even though the 2nd part of my internship was really quagmired, I am still extremely grateful to everyone who helped to make it happen and everyone I met along the way. Has my life just started? Well… depends on what happens next.

If you’re reading this post trying to get advice on what FID is in a big bank, feel free to ask. I might have a post on it as well once I go back stateside.


Normal out-of-the-blue analysis (and hopefully profitable) resuming in 9…

To the best of good buys.

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gemuchlichkeit soft focus

either there’s a flaw with my fd 50mm f1.8 lens, or a wonderful side effect to what’s supposed to be a portrait lens anyways. need to borrow someone’s ef 50mm to be sure…

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本から見て      Looking up from the book

サツキのかげつ   At May’s bright moon

もう勉強する。    tsk, more studying…………..


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ode to an old fd lens

an artifact of history

superseded by technology.

oh what has it seen before,

as it reaches the next encore?

overlooked for its bargain price

revitalizaion! wouldn’t that be nice.

A brilliant piece of engineering

helping my captures more endearing…


Doesn’t it seem the closer finals seasons gets, the more these kinds of procrastination and time consuming but oddly beautiful things get in the way?

And I need to buy an FD-EF adapter. I certainly didn’t know Canon switched technologies two decades ago. Actually thought I picked up a good deal for a twenty, only to find out it didn’t fit on the camera.

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