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Occupy Cal 11/15/2011

The march


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Mark 1 for Yoshua Man

Apparently Yoshua man’s quite on target for this one

Walking back from class at around 2:10….

And then while reg’ing for classes round 20 later

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Starting to Trade Forex PPT

A small presentation I put together for the Berkeley Investment Group.

Here are the charts with the fun raw data still in them



and the powerpoint

Starting to Trade FOREX

To the best of edumacation

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End of trading

Really really need to stop taking this drug, building a massive opportunity cost of trading edumacation and opportunities in the future for a few bucks now.

School, in a few words, is quite hard.

After all, what can I do now? Even with these returns I can’t live off of them, and the CV still won’t show anything serious, credible or valuable to the banks. And there’s no way I’m going to get into the bank immediately as a trader. Every minute I research, I’m not studying and closing that door to getting an actual job.

Society still hammers down the nail that stands out.

Switching to a quantitative background is difficult, especially as I’m not that good with numbers. It’s all because of Klee and at C-. However a year later, that lesson is only starting to trickle in.

It’s been a good run. Waiting for current trades to¬† fade out… and dedicating full-on to maths.

Here’s what my trading account has looked like over this project. Principal of $2500, rev $7000 for an endgame profit $4500 since April.

Somewhere in this chart is also a car… the opportunity cost of which is whatever 2oz of gold since 1600 and massive amounts of studying.

Keeping a small USDJPY open for posterity. I shall be back…

Best of luck everyone else, and to the best of good buys.

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Semester Challenge ACCEPTS

A new semester, dragging it out in Berkeley, a school that I have lost all feelings, respect and adulation for. Especially the teachers. If I ever run an operation, I swear to forbid any unions, tenures and job securities. That is what Berkeley and more than a few shit dogs/professors has made. me. into.


But some things for the GO:

1. Trading: 180% returns by December with a shift towards longer term

2. Quant: Program some MT4 strategies

3. Career: Some kind of analysis/trading offer at a bank for the name

4. Academics: 1 B only

5. Language: Japanese middle school level

6. Projects: Get TravelersCurrency at least off the ground

7. Happiness: Try to extract it out of misery

And here’s a EURSEK chart… dead in the water. Keeping away from the dollar except for scalping on Friday.

To the best of the latter half of 2011, and to the best of good buys.

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