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本から見て      Looking up from the book

サツキのかげつ   At May’s bright moon

もう勉強する。    tsk, more studying…………..


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I’m holding short GBPAUD and USDZAR into the weekend, but here are some more mainstream ones during election week in Europe.

The main concern on the more sensitive EURxxx pairs are that they’ve stopped at some resistance, depending on how the indicators are drawn. Solid candle down on EURUSD and EURJPY may be the starts of a bearish harami or an even more extreme breakdown, but I would not want to place any trades tomorrow until US market opens. Way too much event risk…

EURUSD – a moderate support created by a minor fib and bottom of the cloud. RSI shows additional downside, but the risk/reward does not bode well as of right now. Something may happen in Greece or France that might pressure the Euro lower, but I’m willing to miss the decline and wait for confirmation.

Same thing goes with EURJPY. Although the support at the end of Friday doesn’t seem to be that strong, given it has crossed a fib but stopping at the turn of a cloud bottom, this may be more driven by JPY than EUR. Also seeing where this goes first, but this pair gave me new lens money for this month!

Looking for something to sell? Why not these two GBPUSD and USDJPY. Or AUDUSD or NZDUSD. I’m pretty happy about that AUDNZD fade a few days ago…

Lots of event risk involving the Aussie this week, including employment and Chinese CPI/etc etc etc… that’s why I’m holding GBPAUD because even if there’s volatility, hopefully by the end of the week it gets to breakeven and I still get rolls.

2 days until the first final… trying to make hedging strategies with options on stocks that pay dividends…. and derivatives…………

To the best of good buys.

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Made at least something through this… didn’t have the appetite to hold it through.

But currently fading it through this. NZ data has been tracking Australia’s in the recent months. While the RBNZ’s not expected to cut rates, it has the least possibility of raising it. And on a daily chart, this is at the 2nd retest of the 23.6% fib at 1.26900.

Watching where this closes tomorrow. If this trade is not positive, going ahead and closing it as the next downside level is 1.25700.

Dang it, that’s quite a few lunches I just missed out with the early AUDCAD close. At least I’ll still get 3 burritos for studying hehe…

To the best of good buys.

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