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Or read Richard Koo before.


Japan is going towards a very violent and volatile step inĀ  order to end the 2 lost decades: resorting to inflation. Not only has the BoJ promised unlimited JGB purchases (which now are bleeding into equities), it has now directly targeted the yen to raise inflation, draw savings into the market, and cheapen imports. Although for Japan, a predominantly export dependent country that is good, recall Koo’s stance that there will be overrun.

Just a note – when yields rise, money becomes more difficult to borrow. That, of course means that fund flowing towards equities will be crimped. However with the special case of Japan, Kuroda will print enough to buy all of the Japanese government’s debts.

Overrun? No problem. Remember the Nikkei is denominated in yen.


To the best of good buys.

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