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USDCAD hourly has bounced up and down within this quite well defined triangle from late August. 10, 20, 50 and 100 MAs are all converging, and the TTM Squeeze indicator (Bollinger, Keltner and an oscillator) all show the pair is ready for a breakout. Base of the triangle is 300 pips, which gives a target for the first move after the break, whatever the direction.

Will the FOMC stay, raise .25% or raise .50%? I don’t want to guess so I will enter this only after that major event has passed.

To the Best of Good Buys.


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Because other chart apps are too heavy. See what my comments are on the Forex feed.


To the best of good buys

NZDCAD Downwards again

Very clean break of the 200, especially. Turning of all the MAs. Sell at .85500, stop .86200 and targeting .8420


To the best of good buys.

Back to Research

It has been a year since the last post, and before that time, I’ve worked at a trading firm, learned, and left to start the new stage of my career. I have also passed all 3 levels of my CMT exams, and even though I certainly like the novelty of Point and Figure’s boxes, catapults and more, its obscurity (especially in FX) goes against an important tenet of the markets: it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy (if enough people are looking at the same thing).

So what have I learned? Follow the trend, Digested in these few simple points, which has simplified my charting.

1. Trade breakouts. Follow quiet markets, and get in when it breaks

2. There is no too high of a price to buy, or too low of a price to sell (that’s from Livermore). Especially true with all these extremes in FX and indices.

3. Use simple indicators, especially the ones that everyone is following. Hence my use of only 10-200 MAs, and now on hourly charts because that creates more opportunities.


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Yes, I am trading 5m charts on XAU, but only because volatility (though GVX doesn’t show it that much) has been exploding in the Euro and US sessions.

That shooting star (yes, though a blue candle, it comes as a topping pattern) is caused by a short squeeze at 1275, which was taken out within a few minutes. A beautiful confirmation followed (combine those three down candles), making this pattern one of the best examples of an evening star pattern I have ever seen. HA and Ichi confirms. A point and figure chart should show a high pole reversal.

Is this asset driven by ISIL/Iraq, or rates? Anyways, it is at resistance on a falling channel right now.


To the best of good buys.