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Why did the Yen appreciate?

When risk and everything else strengthened? Yes, there’s a reason in across-the-board dollar weakening, but the fact it’s the last trading day of the year shows that many people, not just retail traders were wrong.

I bet a lot of banks were long the USDJPY pair, only realizing their losses on the last day so they can file it as a capital loss. Buy selling the USDJPY pair, they increase the supply and on any supply and demand chart, lower the price. In a way I understand it, they have to buy more yen to close their positions (and pay back the lenders/liquidity providers), and help push up its value.

Hey, EURJPY is staying below 100. oooooooooooooooohhhhh

For the year, we are down 0.0032% on the S&P (1257.64–>1257.60)

Happy new year! And always to the best of good buys, for 2012 as well.

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Simple S&P500 Technicals 12/23/2011

Happy Christmas to all! Santa may have disappointed many with the now erroneous holiday low-volume rally, but the drift has brought us back to break-even for 2011. But no one will remember that, just like the August 5 week of volatility that in the end only resulted in 20 points off for the DJIA.

We seem to be reaching the top of the channel once again in a trend that seems all to be confirmed. Data seems to be pointing that way as well, but I’d wait for a trend down to the 1190s/1200s before making an entry again. Mind you, when you buy stocks, you are shorting the dollar. To maximize profits, I’d buy it with Euros, writing a swap at current prices, pay whatever the interest is because your lending dollars/borrowing euros cost is definitely going to fall. Plus,  you get to make a bit on the spot FX side as well.

Considering putting out a daily commentary on EURUSD rather than S&P500 as the markets decouple. Would like to do the DAX30, though I’m not sure if that get that much SEO  to a degree.

To the best of good buys.

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For those of you know, license plates in Hong Kong are made by garages to the order of owners – no registration, etc needed and can be done in around 20 minutes.

Since I never found a post about this on Google, here’s this post search engine optimized on how to get license plates made in both Hong Kong styles and British styles.


The address for the cheapest is Lee Yuen Battery and Tire, 118 C1 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong where all the other dealers are. Was HKD160 each set.

Two sets – one for my friend’s BMW 540 (forgot his Cali plate number) and one for the RX8

Was smiling all the way from about the time I got the plates to just outside Lo Wu on the Shenzhen side. Can’t wait to mount them!

Also… haven’t seen any RX8s in Hong Kong or China yet…

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Only had time for the charts. No commentary yet because I’m leaving HK in 15 minutes.Yes, it’s incomplete and doesn’t take in every account, but I only downloaded and thought of this topic on the day on the last day of work.


Be careful, and to the best of good buys.

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Kim Jong Il

Hopefully Kim Jong Un will take better care of the people.

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Winter (Econ) Projects

Will try my best to fit these small topics in between sleeping, eating, trading and of course family.

Have put these off for a few months, and now I can bow out humbly from Berkeley Stats, I can re-direct all my energies towards econ/trading research.


USD/EUR/CHF Critical Levels – When might the SNB break?

Cracking the SGD Basket for Arbitrage – Outsmarting the Monetary Authority of Singapore. SGDBasket

Which Eastern European non-EU17 Country is the First to Go? – Smelling blood and goulash here… EasternEUY

Strong RMB: a bitter but effective medicine – Article for the Columbia Economics Review


In the meantime… 27 hours to get messed in Hong Kong with HKD6700 in just coins.

To the best of good celebrations! And to the best of 2012!

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Hongkong へ

27 Hours in Hong Kong – pretty much planned out. Get some Lamma Island, some horse racing, some shopping, some night life, and a whole lot of curry.

And I’m “boarding” in the Chungking Mansions, but it’s more like a HKD300 luggage storage.

After that… HK > Shenzhen > Xi’an > Wuxi > Shanghai > Zhanjiang and if I have time, maybe some Vietnam.

End of a semester I’d give dearly (and did) to strike from my memory. I surely learned my lesson, and definitely (academically) overpaid for it.

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