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… and a bit of Berkeley at dusk

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Only 2 probs left on problem set? And I know how to do them?! and I need to get toothpaste?!

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Decided to pitch night.I am so tired I swerved ~5, 6 times. And I’m sunburnt,  though only on the left side. And smell like gasoline.

At least there’s a starbucks ALLL RIGGHHHH

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Hello, Miata

Hello there, please treat me nicely on the way home. もう幸せは、加速する

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Past prep here


Awesome timing as the markets are still unsure of direction. That means time to take a vacation tomorrow…


What to bring…..

Passport for Mexico


Documents for the government

Fishing wire and gloves for if anything goes wrong

Flectarn for if it gets cold

And the usual cell phone chargers, lappy etc etc. with a lot of eurobeat


haha awesomeness will start in 6 hours… right when US markets open…

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Past post here


Given the fact that the car isn’t the best mechanically and I won’t even bother checking it if it costs only 4k, I need a list of stuff so I don’t get stuck along the coast forever.

To be bought in socal:

Gasoline jerrycans



Gasoline jerrycans

Motor oil


So I need a lot of fuel to keep me going… and I probably should give the car a good check before it goes on its 600 mile journey back north.


Meanwhile, I have bought 6 months worth of insurance, which is enough before it breaks down and gets scrapped. And on the first night, I will probably be making camp in some kind of Franciscan Hermitage here… but in the parking lot. There are no road signs so knowing which exit will be a bit challenging…

6 hrs hmmm……


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Part -1 here


Day 0 (Aug 16):

2200PST Get back from work, prepare backpack


Day 1 (Aug 17):

1400PST Fly to Indio, CA, pick up car

1730PST Drive down to SD, meet mates

2200PST Stay overnight


Day 2 (Aug 18)

0800PST Take blue SD trolley to San Ysidro

0930PST Cross border into Mexico


1400PST Border crossing back into America

1600PST Back to car, drive back north by Highway 1

2100PST Change to Interstate 5

2300PST Sleep at some services station in the Valley


Day 3 (Aug 19)

0700PST Wake up, drive back onto Highway 1

1200PST Go fishing in Pacifica

1700PST Back to Berkeley

2100PST Gym


All in all a good plan… given that the car doesn’t break down somewhere along the way or gets stolen. But with any Top Gear challenge, something always goes tits up with the car or something something else.

No reason I want to go back to work.

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